February 23rd 2022 Auction

News at John Francis | 07/01/2022

Welcome to 2022 where demand for property has maintained the momentum of 2021 so if you do have a property that you want sold please call the local office to arrange a valuation. This time of year we will read and listen to all sorts of media news from 18ft of snow predicted to the warmest summer ever on record. There will be all sorts of predictions as usual regarding the housing market from a 10% drop in prices to a 10% increase! Nobody really knows how the market will change if at all in 2022 and who would have predicted that Brexit would be second page news when the pandemic took hold in 2020.  In our February catalogue we have some really exciting lots and as we have brought forward the date from March it does give sellers and buyers to complete the sale before the financial year end. Late entries taken so if you have a property that you want sold in February by local auction experts please call us on 01267221554 to arrange a free auction appraisal. May we take this opportunity to thank all of our sellers, buyers, solicitors and organisations that have bought, sold and contributed to the success of John Francis Auctions over the last 25 years.