Your Free Guide to Landlord Tax

There’s never been a better time to be a landlord – house prices are up and the pool of prospective tenants looking to rent continues to get deeper. As a landlord, you have the opportunity to be financially independent and potentially retire earlier.

There are good financial rewards to be reaped from letting, despite the requirement to pay one form of tax or another – whether it’s land transaction tax, income tax or capital gains tax. To avoid any pitfalls, it’s crucial you understand what needs to be paid and when.

We’ve put together this handy guide featuring the must-know information about tax on property rentals. As property experts ourselves, we understand that tax can be tricky – whether you’re new to the lettings game or a seasoned landlord – so we want to help out.

Please note: This information is meant for guidance purposes only and should not be considered a substitution for professional advice. We recommend speaking to a trained tax professional, such as an accountant or HMRC. Rates quoted are applicable for tax year 2021/22. Information correct at the time of publishing in May 2021.

Landlords tax guide